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Welcome to Vege Diner, a vegan restaurant with a classic 50s diner theme. Here, we value a healthy menu with clean, plant-based ingredients. We want you to have full transparency on the ingredients we use to make the items on the menu. All food served is organic, locally-sourced, and cruelty-free. We also value using recyclable and/or reusable materials in order to prioritize environmental health beyond food choice.

A fun twist to the Vege Diner experience is our choice in music. You have the opportunity to use our bluetooth jukeboxes, which allows you to request music and queue up all of your favorite songs.

Vege Diner combines the fun of a 50s diner theme without the guilt of unethical practices; so that every person who walks in will be able to enjoy delicious, healthy food while also immersing themselves in the unique 50s diner experience. It is a mix of the best of both the past and present, all wrapped into one.

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At Vege Diner, we commit to...


We are fully transparent with you about the ingredients we use and how we prepare them.

Delicious Food

Why eat healthy if it doesn't also taste good? Here, you don't have to choose one or the other.


The earth is our home. We want to preserve our planet through eco-friendly practices.


We care at a personal level. That's why we happily promote local charitable organizations.

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